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Client Projects and Experiences

See below for a sampling of our projects and contact us to learn about the business outcomes they achieved! What can we do for you? 

ShadowHornet Client Project Sampling

We've helped some of the most significant players in these market verticals take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges. Imagine what we can do for you!

Financial Services and Private Equity

  • Marsh & McLennan (ticker: MMC)

  • Align Capital Partners

  • AgFirst Credit Bank

  • Confidential top 100 Private Equity and Venture (x 2)

  • Capital Square

Technology and Tech Services

  • Red Hat (ticker: IBM)

  • Cleartelligence

  • RTS Labs

  • GDH

Healthcare Technology

  • CAE Healthcare (ticker: CAE)

  • Bertelsmann Education Group 

Telecom and Utilities 

  • Conterra Networks

  • VertiGIS

  • Mapcom Systems

Consumer Discretionary

  • Sabra

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