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Client Projects and Experiences

See below for a sampling of our projects and the business outcomes they achieved!

ShadowHornet Client Project Sampling

CAE Healthcare
- Job Fractionation + AI-AGE modernization
CAE Healthcare sought guidance on FedRAMP compliance to help develop a comprehensive product roadmap for 5 product lines.
Educated executive team on nuances of compliance and outlined path to compliance for 5 product lines, 1 month ahead of planned schedule.
RTS Labs
- AI-AGE modernization + Strategic Sales Support + Powerful Market/Sales Narrative +Job Fractionation
Help professionalize a fast-growing organization by modernizing their service offerings and creating new sources of value.
Landed 3 new "blue chip" clients including add on business with new strategic service offerings in only 11 months.
Conterra Networks
- AI-AGE modernization + Job Fractionation
Assess technology ecosystem to help use AI/ML solutions to provide new insights to the operations side of the business to generate growth.
In progress
- Strategic Sales Support
Enable innovative healthcare staffing logistics platform to assess strategic alternatives
In progress
[Confidential] - Financial Sector
- AI-AGE modernization
Built econometric trading support model to support firm's evolution into Weekly options market, using AWS-based ML and containerized component architecture.
Firm saved 2,236 hours in analyst time, was able to expand into weekly versus monthly options trading, and use ML tuning to refine econometric model.
The White House / Madison County, NC
- Powerful Market/Sales Narrative
Rebranded Madison County, NC as "technology friendly" by representing county to the White House Rural Council, and achieving "TechHire" Status.
Achieved TechHire status enabling new economic development options for the county and the region.
[Confidential] - Healthcare Sector
- Job Fractionation + AI-AGE modernization
Firm needed a technical compliance soution (FedRAMP) to support orders that would lift top line by 22%. Recruiting couldn't find them a solution, they turned to us to fractionate the job role.
Achieved FedRAMP status 4 months early, and with 65% savings over the budgeted FTE hire, resulting in revenue uplift.
- Powerful Market/Sales Narrative + Strategic Sales Support
Firm needed to expand geographic presence, entering several new geographies with a story that would resonate to English speaking decision-makers.
Firm rebranded, entered new market, and saw 22% revenue growth over 7 month engagement.
Mapcom Systems
- AI-AGE modernization + Strategic Sales Support + Powerful Market/Sales Narrative +Job Fractionation
Firm's market perception was struggling and product was under heap of 20 years of technical debt. Needed to rapidly innovate to reinvigorate sales and change firm perception.
Modernized a monolithic application by creating a SaaS product out of its modular capabilities. Resulted in 8% top-line revenue uplift over 9 months, and changed perceptions of the firm's technology.
[Confidential] - Technology Services
- Strategic Sales Support
Firm wanted to strategically enter new market, but had failed to make progress over 8 months.
Penetrated a notoriously difficult market segment, resulting in a 2+ year growth account.
- AI-AGE modernization + Job Fractionation
Firm needed technology to support process of fractionation and ML-based role/activity matching
Built the Trusted Talent SmartCloud over 15 months, resulting in ability to segment FTE job roles and fulfill them at a sliver of the cost of FTE budget.
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