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About ShadowHornet 

Innovate. Modernize. Sell!

If you don't innovate, you don't guarantee your spot at the table, let alone your success. Great sales people are always innovating, responding to what works and eliminating what doesn't. Innovation is the common language of sales, engineering, and product, only...they don't know that.  

It takes a voice of experience to make the sales and product teams realize that they have a lot in common.  Sometimes the key to boosting sales is technology innovation, sometimes it's using technology concepts to creatively reposition a product. Our trademarked AI-AGE framework helps you determine the fastest and quickest route to boosting your sales. 

Experience you can trust

An irrational labor market and the introduction of AI have created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for firms that can rethink their product positioning. Those who can redefine products through technology with a unified product and sales team behind them will be the winners in the new economy. 


We help off-the-radar startups, businesses struggling with growth, or organizations whose performance has stalled, out of the shadows, and we do it aggressively (like a hornet!). We’ve honed our effective approach through 11 successful M&A integrations on both the buy and sell sides, 46 strategic outsourcing initiatives, and 20+ application modernization/new product development efforts, and go-to-market campaigns.

We’re here help you out of the shadows - quickly and cost effectively. 


Founder, Tom Mirc

""When I started my career, I wasn't brave enough to be in sales, and wasn't technically skilled enough to be an engineer. But I found my home in product, and learned how to bridge sales, development, product, and the C-Level to create powerful and sustained sales improvement!"  --Tom Mirc, founder

Thomas Mirc.jpeg


With 22 years of technology experience spanning the high-tech, financial, healthcare, and telecommunications industries, Tom can bring any organization together, because he’s led Sales, Product, Technology, and Marketing organizations. He was also Chief Executive/ Managing Director of the top performing business unit (2021) in a Battery Ventures-owned platform company from 2019-2022.

Tom ran product management and M&A integration for a $330mm healthcare SaaS organization, led release engineering and DevOps for the Red Hat customer portal team, and was a key member of the Red Hat M&A team from 2013-2016 where he led IT and Engineering integration for 6 M&A deals. He started as an analyst for Amundi Pioneer’s fixed income division (formerly Smith Breeden), where he became a Vice President in 2006. 


Tom started KeyOak Advisors in 2014 which became ShadowHornet Consulting in 2022, and advised the Obama White House from 2016-2017 on technology workforce development in rural America. He is a graduate fellow of the Masters of Public Administration program from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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