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About ShadowHornet Consulting

An ROI-based product, technology, and M&A consulting firm

ShadowHornet Consulting combines the power of strategy and execution with an extensive business network developed through the 100+ collective years of business and technology leadership of our consultants. We offer specialized expertise in the financial, high-tech, healthcare, telecommunications, and government/public sector. ShadowHornet Consulting was founded as KeyOak Advisors in 2014 when our founder served as an advisor to the White House in 2016-2017 on technology workforce development.

Experience you can trust

We bring off-the-radar startups, growing businesses, or organizations whose performance has suffered out of the shadows, and we do it aggressively (like a hornet!). We’ve honed our effective approach through 11 successful M&A integrations on both the buy and sell sides, 46 strategic outsourcing initiatives, and 20+ application modernization/new product development efforts, and go-to-market campaigns. Whether you’re a small firm looking to achieve rapid growth, or a larger firm that’s experiencing a business downturn, we’re here to bring you out of the shadows. 


Founder, Tom Mirc

With 22 years of experience in software development spanning the high-tech, financial, healthcare, and telecommunications industries, Tom brings a unique perspective to business. Tom can bring any organization together, because he’s led Sales, Product, Technology, and Marketing organizations and was Chief Executive/ Managing Director of the top performing business unit (2021) in a Battery Ventures-owned platform company from 2019-2022. His team’s specialized expertise spans financial, high-tech, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors. 

Thomas Mirc.jpeg
Title: Founder


Tom ran product management and M&A integration for a $330mm healthcare SaaS organization, led release engineering and DevOps for the Red Hat customer portal team, and was a key member of the Red Hat M&A team from 2013-2016 where he led IT and Engineering integration for 6 M&A deals. He started as an analyst for Amundi Pioneer’s fixed income division (formerly Smith Breeden), where he became a Vice President in 2006. 


Tom started KeyOak Advisors in 2014 which became ShadowHornet Consulting in 2022, and advised the Obama White House from 2016-2017 on technology workforce development in rural America. He is a graduate fellow of the Masters of Public Administration program from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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