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We Help Private Equity and Portfolio Companies Get on the Same Page...

Generating Powerful Results through Trust, Ethics, and Hard Work

ShadowHornet by the Numbers...

  • 146 M&A due diligence assessments

  • 12 buy/sell side exits and business integrations

  • 47 nearshore team expansions

  • $48.6 billion in M&A deal value

We understand you like no other, because we've walked in your shoes. As former private equity executives and C-Level portfolio company operators, we understand the natural tension between equity owners' financial goals, and the specific nuances and challenges of portfolio companies. Our team of Partners and 13 Industry-specific analysts come from 4 market verticals:

  • Healthcare tech

  • Financial Services

  • Telecommunications and Utility

  • Technology Services (Nearshore and US)

Whether you're trying to understand target companies at a deep level to avoid critical acquisition risks, integrate companies more effectively, or lower the cost of development and engineering by choosing the right nearshore location for scale up and job replacement, we have the answer for you. But we're more than just flashy consultants...we become your on-the-ground partner to help you translate information into results. 

Use our proprietary nearshore database, the most comprehensive in the industry, to assess where to find low-cost talent, cost synergies, and how that talent will align to your culture. Improve your quality, while boosting your EBITDA, this fiscal year. 


Nearshore With Confidence

Unrivaled Credibility

ShadowHornet has the only AI-enabled nearshoring database in the industry, tracking over 16,300 variables ranging from development and engineering rates to infrastructure and cost of business risks associated with 48 Latin America markets - providing you unrivaled credibility at the Board level.  

Translate Knowledge into Actionable Global Results

We give you an immediate global network of on the ground personnel and advocates in LATAM, established in our time advising the White House in 2016-2017. We can link you with government officials, workforce development programs, and business leaders in 8 Latin American nations to help you assess cultural fit to your company. 

Founder, Tom Mirc

With 22 years of technology experience spanning the high-tech, financial, healthcare, and telecommunications industries, Tom can bring any organization together, because he’s led Sales, Product, Technology, and Marketing organizations. He was also Chief Executive/ Managing Director of the top performing business unit (2021) in a Battery Ventures-owned platform company from 2019-2022.

Tom ran product management and M&A integration for a $330mm healthcare SaaS organization, led release engineering and DevOps for the Red Hat customer portal team, and was a key member of the Red Hat M&A team from 2013-2016 where he led IT and Engineering integration for 6 M&A deals. He started as an analyst for Amundi Pioneer’s fixed income division (formerly Smith Breeden), where he became a Vice President in 2006. 


Tom started KeyOak Advisors in 2014 which became ShadowHornet Consulting in 2022, and advised the White House from 2016-2017 on technology workforce development in rural America. He is a graduate fellow of the Masters of Public Administration program from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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