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Can your business maintain sales in the AI-AGE?

We help you innovate, reposition your products and sell in a radically changing market...

Breaking free from legacy products and thinking to sales break throughs might cost a fraction of what you think...


We help you do two things - innovate and sell.


We do it by unifying your product and sales teams around new and fresh product positioning


We can help you build, market, and sell new products and features to boost sales quickly.

Innovation is difficult. So is aligning sales and product teams. Sustaining innovation is nearly impossibleWhen what's worked isn't working anymore, put the power of ShadowHornet behind you. 

We help you rapidly evolve and integrate your product and sales approach, using our knowledge in product architectures (and marketectures), sales narratives and culture, engineering, your business vertical, and change management to powerfully unify your product and sales teams

We can help you:

  • Unlock innovation: Tell a new and fresh story with the same product to regain lost share in this Fiscal Year.

  • Modernize a product for a fresh-go-to-market.

  • Implement a SaaS business model to maximize your valuation.

  • Employ AI/ML to reveal hidden sales opportunities for short-term growth.

  • Win complex deals and RFPs.

  • Attain game-changing credibility in the sales or exit process with an industry SME.

  • Avoid due diligence risk by navigating you around common CTO pitfalls in the DD process.

At ShadowHornet, we help you innovate, and we help you sell. We live at the intersection of product, sales, and sustainable innovation.

About Us


"ShadowHornet is one of the rare firms that combines business acumen, technical expertise, strategic vision, and compassionate leadership. They seamlessly worked with all levels of our organization to promote alignment and built authentic relationships with teammates and customers that foster loyalty. ShadowHornet enabled us to lead high-performing, successful teams by empowering people to be the best version of themselves. Where ShadowHornet goes, trust, collaboration, and achievement follow."

Vice President, Product Management, B.E.G. (Privately-held 750 employees)


Powerful Marketectures and sales narratives

Stories sell. If you don't have a compelling story, you're losing interest, and not capturing attention. You're also failing to unify your sales and product teams. Use our expertise to quickly develop a powerful marketecture and sales narrative that breaks through the noisy marketplace and resonates with buyers and employees. 

Product repositioning and modernization

Are you operating in the AI-AGE? We help you modernize your product offering at the lowest possible cost in the fastest time to market. Want to leverage AI/ML to give you unknown insights, but don't know where or how to start? Let us guide you into the AI-AGE!

Strategic Sales Support

Here you are, on the verge of your first Fortune 1000 client. But you don't have the team that will show well, the big-name logos as social proof, or anyone besides you who can successfully navigate a C-level discussion. Use us to help you plan the sales approach, meeting, or even tap one of our strategic advisors to strengthen your case. We help you close business.

Product and Technology Roadmapping

You're growing too fast without a road map to communicate to your stakeholders. A lot of people are expecting you to get things done. We help you build a product or technology roadmap, acting as support for your CIO, CTO, CPO, or CMO to set expectations and start strategically guiding and managing your organization.



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