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Strategic advisors for the next American generation

The ShadowHornet, our best Strategic Advisor

AI and Applied Technology Solutions

We help you solve complex electric utility, energy and telecom business problems using our advanced industry expertise + Artificial Intelligence (AI), modeling and simulation solutions to:

  • Break down your organizational silos to generate better insights

  • Modernize your geospatial data visualization

  • Simulate your markets through digital twins and next gen promod econometric modelling

  • Transform your current asset lifecycle management approach into a real-time operational advantage

The ShadowHornet, our best Strategic Advisor

Global  Delivery / Workforce


With experience leading 53 nearshore and outsourced engagements, we help you lower the cost of the backoffice, development and engineering, recover EBITDA within a fiscal year, and guide you to the right destination to scale up low-cost technology labor without risking quality.

Our firm is a recognized nearshore site selection expert, guiding some of the world's leading venture and Private Equity firms to expand their operations in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Central America and the Carribean.   

The ShadowHornet, our best Strategic Advisor

Valuation, M&A & Exit Strategies

With 146 M&A due diligence assessments, 12 exits from the buy and sell side, and $48.6 Billion in deal volume, we help guide you to the right exit for your stakeholders, and help sellers avoid the million-dollar mistakes so common in the diligence process.


Make better integration plans, move faster, avoid critical risks, and buy the right businesses at the right price. We help you achieve maximum value from the buy side, and maximize your valuation from the sell side. 

We guide you from legacy solutions into the future of your industry, enhancing your efficiency and business valuation on the way to an exit that exceeds your stakeholders' expectations. 

The ShadowHornet, our best Strategic Advisor

Industry Research Advisory

We can help you with advanced research, simulation, and econometric modeling for R&D, investment justification, and Board of Directors influence strategies. 

Tap our research archives for cutting edge insights into energy market dynamics, advanced biofuels, natural gas and hydraulic fracturing, rural economic development, nearshoring, broadband, and next generation AI-based power and electrification solutions like digital twins, next gen promod market simulation, and ADI metering/AC grid modernization. 

Our experts have advised leading VC, PE, and global firms, as well as the White House on the economics of nearshoring, rural technology workforce development, energy, broadband, and utilities policy. Our research has appeared in Department of Energy, Federal Trade Commission, Wesleyan University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, FCC, US Department of Labor, and USDA studies since 2011.

The ShadowHornet, our best Strategic Advisor

Venture Capital

We make active investments in product and services companies in the next generation energy, utilities, technology services, with a focus on rural American solutions aimed at enhancing America's energy supply chain.


Our first investment into yielded a 11x TTM 12 month ROE. If you have a product or service concept focused in the energy/ telecommunications/ electric utility verticals, particularly with market focus on electric grid modernization with an impact on rural America, we're interested in considering active investment in your firm. 

Use our unrivaled expertise in electric utilities, energy, broadband, tech services, nearshoring, rural markets, and M&A to achieve more - ​​faster, and cost effectively

We are your strategic advisors for the next American generation

About Us


"ShadowHornet is one of the rare firms that combines business acumen, technical expertise, strategic vision, and compassionate leadership. They seamlessly worked with all levels of our organization to promote alignment and built authentic relationships with teammates and customers that foster loyalty. ShadowHornet enabled us to lead high-performing, successful teams by empowering people to be the best version of themselves. Where ShadowHornet goes, trust, collaboration, and achievement follow."

Vice President, Product Management, B.E.G. (Privately-held 750 employees)


Business Modernization and Applied Tech Solutions
  • Microgrid/Edge Architecture planning with Digital Twins

  • Market Simulations and Forecasting

  • Financial modeling

  • Regulatory Compliance Automation with AI

  • Renewable Portfolio Standards compliance

  • OSS/BSS/Geospatial modernization

  • Next generation ALM (Asset Lifecycle Management) OSS/BSS 

  • Supply chain and resource planning

  • Next gen promod (wind, solar, biomass/biofuel)

AI Primer/ Modeling/ Simulation

While AI can be an incredibly powerful tool, your AI strategy poorly executed can mean polluting your data, creating massive costs and quality issues, and making bad labor decisions. Use our knowledge of applied AI opportunities for business modernization in electric and telecommunications markets to make AI's benefits real for your firm. 

[Strategic Sales] Business Development

The market's changing faster than your products or services can adapt. You don't have skills in house to navigate and influence an executive sale, and need to up your capabilities - NOW! 


Use us to invigorate your sales approach, using our expertise to extend your use cases, expertise in AI, or other opportunities beyond staffing. We help you innovate in sales, and close new business as a result.

Low Cost Engineering and Development Site Selection

You're scaling at a US-based tech labor price point that hurts EBITDA expectations. Use our experience with 46 successful nearshore/offshore/low-cost Domestic US engagements to select the right site to lower your technical labor costs while maintaining your winning culture, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

[M&A Advisory]
Enhanced Due Diligence 

You want to get the most out of the deal, avoid critical risks, and integrate quickly. Use our experience on 146 M&A assessments and 12 successful buy/sell side closes to lead, supplement, or augment your firm's due diligence.

[M&A Advisory]
Integration and Change Management 

You want to avoid retention risk, execute your plan, and fulfill your investment thesis - all while preventing integration problems. Use our experience on integrating the 4th largest technology acquisition in history, and 11 additional integrations ranging from over 8,000 personnel to 18 personnel. We help you understand scaling considerations at all levels.  


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Your strategic advisors for the next American generation!

Strategic advisors for the next American generation

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