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Your Secret Weapon in Due Diligence, Scaling, and Site Expansion/Selection

We get private equity and portfolio companies on the same page - generating powerful results!

Whether it's shifting development nearshore, M&A, or enhancing your valuation through technology, we're here to help...on your budget and your timeline.

We help you:

  • Avoid M&A mistakes, and truly understand the company you’re buying from the ground up. 

  • Improve EBITDA through integrating acquisitions quickly and effectively identifying and mitigating risks before deal close.

  • Streamline your technology cost structure and cost to scale by expanding development and engineering into Latin America, or offshore.

  • Choose the right location for site expansion and low-cost technical services delivery to enhance EBITDA without sacrificing quality 

  • Execute complex business acquisitions through more effective management and organizational design 

  • Enhance the valuation of your portfolio companies through value-driven strategic decisions

  • Achieve your financial goals without creating conflict with portfolio company operators

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“ShadowHornet is an unparalleled expert in understanding nearshoring in  Latin America, and how technology and operational decisions relate to business valuation”

Senior Partner, Mid-Market Private Equity


We're one of the few who can speak the language of private equity AND portfolio company operators - and we use it to deliver you results...

With 12 successful buy and sell side exits, 46 global outsourcing engagements, 146 M&A engagements, and global consulting experience honed in board rooms and the White House, we're a different type of partner -- one that means results.

We don't dump elegant expensive slide decks and then run, we don't give expensive "advice" that creates more billable hours, we work with you side-by-side to achieve ROI. With a maniacal dedication to customer satisfaction and ethical dealing, ShadowHornet delivers what you need on your budget and your timeline.

Put the Power of ShadowHornet Behind You


Unparalleled M&A Expertise

Seasoned executive M&A and technical expertise honed over 12 successful buy/sell side exits, 146 M&A assessments totaling $48.6b in transaction volume, including the 4th largest tech acquisition in history. 

Nearshoring and Valuation Experts

The most extensive database on Latin America workforces, rates, trends, risks with 46 successful offshore/nearshore engagements.

We Speak Your Language

We speak the language of PE, VC, and Operators, enabling our clients to successfully bridge the gap to achieve more

About Us


"ShadowHornet is one of the rare firms that combines business acumen, technical expertise, strategic vision, and compassionate leadership. They seamlessly worked with all levels of our organization to promote alignment and built authentic relationships with teammates and customers that foster loyalty. ShadowHornet enabled us to lead high-performing, successful teams by empowering people to be the best version of themselves. Where ShadowHornet goes, trust, collaboration, and achievement follow."

Vice President, Product Management, B.E.G. (Privately-held 750 employees)


Enhanced Due Diligence 

You want to get the most out of the deal, avoid critical risks, and integrate quickly. Use our experience on 146 M&A assessments and 12 successful buy/sell side closes to lead, supplement, or augment your firm's due diligence.

M&A Integration and Change Management 

You want to avoid retention risk, execute your plan, and fulfill your investment thesis - all while preventing integration problems. Use our experience on integrating the 4th largest technology acquisition in history, and 11 additional integrations ranging from over 8,000 personnel to 18 personnel. We help you understand scaling considerations at all levels.  

Strategic Sales and Business Development

Here you are, on the verge of your first Fortune 1000 client. But you don't have the team that will show well, the big-name logos as social proof, or anyone besides you who can successfully navigate a C-level discussion. Use us to help you plan the sales approach, meeting, or even tap one of our strategic advisors to strengthen your case. We help you close business.

Low Cost Engineering and Development Site Selection

You're scaling at a US-based tech labor price point that hurts EBITDA expectations. Use our experience with 46 successful nearshore/offshore/low-cost Domestic US engagements to select the right site to lower your technical labor costs while maintaining your winning culture, quality, and customer satisfaction. 



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